NaviENT Navigation System receives CE Mark

NaviENT brings Simplicity, Accuracy and Affordability to ENT Navigation Systems.

Toronto, CANADA – Nov 14, 2016

ClaroNav Kolahi Inc. (CKI) announced today that it has received CE Mark approval for the commercial sale of its NaviENT cranial and ENT navigation system in Europe. Over the coming months the company will offer the product for sale to hospitals,

Navident by ClaroNav

Navident Receives FDA 510(K) Clearance

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 8, 2016

ClaroNav announces that Navident, its Dental Navigation System, received FDA 510(K) clearance.  

ClaroNav Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received 510(K) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market and sell Navident, its navigation system for dental implantations, in the United States.


Dynamic Navigation Takes Precision To A New Level

Implant dentists in the UK and Ireland can now see for themselves how freehanded guided surgery aids more accurate implant placement for their patients. Navident is an affordable and easy-to-use navigation system which provides precision guidance for increased accuracy within 0.5mm of the treatment plan*. Using the CBCT image as a map, Navident guides surgeons just like a GPS guides drivers.


To make the implant surgery safe and secure Implant Navigation System Introduction of “Navident”



Director Inoue performing the surgery with “Navident”


Transition of implant surgery

In those days, implant treatment was performed by referring only to the X-ray data of oral cavity. There were some inadequacies regarding the accuracy of surgery, with only superficial information, and without understanding the three-dimensional information like the bone hardness of the patient.


First device introduction in Hokkaido

Implant surgery
Patient’s burden reduced

The medical treatment corporation Inoue Dental Clinic (Nishi 9 Jōminami, Obihiro-shi, Director Hiroyuki Inoue) has introduced a special device “Navident” equipped with the dynamic guide system to accurately navigate the implant placement position. “First introduction in dentistry in Hokkaido. Leads to reduction of patient’s anxiety and burden” (Director Hiroyuki)

The implant is a treatment to embed the dental implant in the jawbone of the missing tooth,


Introduction of latest Implant Navigation System by Inoue Dental Clinic

Inoue Dental Clinic in Obihiro city has introduced an Implant Navigation System called “Navident” made in Canada. This is the latest device introduced first in Hokkaido, and the entire Japan has only 10 such devices.

Director Hiroyuki Inoue of the Inoue Dental Clinic (2 Chome-12-2, Nishi 9 Jōminami, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaidō 080-0019, Tel: 0155-25-6480) holds the Japan’s leading technology as the implant surgeon.


ClaroNav Receives Health Canada Approval For NaviENT

ClaroNav Inc. announced today that it has received Health Canada license for the commercial sale of its NaviENT ENT navigation system. Over the coming months the company will launch the product in ENT operating rooms, hospitals and universities throughout Canada.

NaviENT is a computerized cranial surgical navigation system intended to guide sinus and trans-nasal skull base endoscopic surgery by dynamically presenting the location of the tip of a surgical instrument mapped to a corresponding location in a pre-acquired CT scan of the patient’s head.


History of Surgical Navigation Technology

X-ray imaging was discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. For the first time, surgeons could see inside a patient without cutting them open. However, these were 2D projections of the anatomy on film. In the 1970s, Sir Hounsfield invented a method to acquire and digitally process X-ray projections from many directions to produce a slice-by-slice 3D representation of the patient’s head anatomy.


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