Dynamic Navigation Takes Precision To A New Level

Implant dentists in the UK and Ireland can now see for themselves how freehanded guided surgery aids more accurate implant placement for their patients. Navident is an affordable and easy-to-use navigation system which provides precision guidance for increased accuracy within 0.5mm of the treatment plan*. Using the CBCT image as a map, Navident guides surgeons just like a GPS guides drivers. It provides realtime tactile and visual feedback, without the need for a physical guide. It is compatible with any implant type, drill system and all dental CBCTs currently on the market. To experience hands-on how Navident dynamically tracks the drill and the patient’s jaw, call The Dental Imaging Company on 0845 602 4944 or email [email protected]

Dr David Burgess of Carbis Bay Dental Care is one of the first dentists in the UK to use Navident routinely. He says, “What makes Navident stand out is it precisely guides the surgeon to prepare and place the implant in the pre-determined position. It is a dynamic piece of equipment, whereas a conventional drill guide is fixed to a certain angle, position or location. The software shows the drill position on the scan in real time, as it enters the jaw. This allows adjustments to be made, if necessary, whilst the site is being drilled.”

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