Year: 2017

Issue: No. 8


We are pleased to announce that Navident 1.4 has been released. It is the most substantial update to the Navident system since its inception. It includes many improvements and new features requested by our users over the last year.
New features added in release 1.4:
  1. Intra-oral scan (STL file) integration: loading, registration and fused display.
  2. New drilling guidance indicator: hand piece model, variable scaling, axial background display option.
  3. Bookmarks: save/restore of multiple plans.
  4. Screenshots and videos: new media viewer, easy capture and export
  5. 3D plan editing: ability to modify implants and crowns placements and dimensions directly in 3D view.
  6. 3D masking: “cookie cutter” tool in 3D view.
  7. Canal editing: ability to mark in cross-section view, improved cross-referencing in 3D view.
  8. Adding crowns and implants in all views (except 3D)
  9. Improved view annotation: new edge mm marks, new orientation icon (head), larger view toolstrip icons.
  10. Jaw arch editing: direct adjustment on 2D views, slice scrolling in re-draw mode.
  11. Panorama view enhancements: scrolling, cross-correlation with cut views, enable moving implants.
  12. Roll around implant axis in 2D cut views.
  13. Motion artifacts check during import.
  14. View orientation selection: options to select the preferred L/R and H/F orientation of 2D/panorama views.
  15. Implant auto-numbering to help identify and reference each implant.
Webinars that explain how to use these features were held on April 19, April 26 and May 2. Webinars were recorded, archived and are available on this page:

NASP, SSC, Dental XP, ICOI, MWSP, ADEEC, USC Perio, ADI and ICOMS were just the formal association meeting side of the NAVIDENT Winter World Tour 2017! Many in office trainings, visits and smaller meetings were also attended by Team Navident.

The winter tour culminated in the seminal, back-to-back AO Orlando and IDS Cologne meetings during which we were able to introduce Navident to more leading clinicians, corporate affiliates and distribution partners than ever before!

Dr. Mandelaris speaking at the Navident-Southern Implants Friday event
Drs. George Mandelaris and Jan D’haese presented to over 200 people at our Friday evening event co-sponsored by our friends at Southern Implants.
Drs. Scott Ganz and Alvaro Ordonez stopped by the booth to meet with Jason Pardo, Global VP of Sales and Marketing, and Doron Dekel, CEO and founder of ClaroNav.
Our Dynamic American Sales Team of Scott Durocher, Beth Budreau, Edie Gibson, Darrell Cook, Dr. Francisco Casadesus and Jason Pardo was joined by our CEO and co-founder Doron Dekel for an AO meeting to remember for Navident and the 100’s of clinicians who visited with us at our booth, social events and lectures.
Over 150,000 people attended the bi-annual IDS meeting in Cologne, Germany. It felt as if almost every one of them came to check out Navidentduring the epic 5-day event.

Navident’s European Team of Tom Tilmans and Luca Casalena were joined by Jason Pardo, Doron Dekel, and Dr. Arish Qazi who is Head of Software Research and Development for Navident as well as principals from 4C Medikal, SD Dental, Inco Trading and Master Clinical Trainers from the Dynamic Navigation Society, Drs. Stefanelli, Telara, Sartori, D’haese and Casadesus for the 5 day exploration of everything dental.

Dynamic Navigation was a major topic of both the AO and the IDS meetings this year and was mentioned in pre- and post-event reviews by experts as among THE most promising and exciting technologies available today.

Navident is a cover girl now (this is the “targeting perfection” visual we associate with Navident in our ads). Inside the IDS issue of Implants, there is a great case study by Dr. David Burgess of the UK. Dr. Burgess also documented a Navident case that you can view here.

The Dynamic Navigation Society (DNS) is active around the world. It is the educational division of ClaroNav, established to provide doctors with opportunities to learn about Navident, get certification or watch a Navidentsurgery. Each course is taught by a Master Clinical Trainer or the Director of Clinical Affairs (Toronto).

We have upcoming courses in North America, Europe and the Middle East. To find out which course best suits your needs and location, take a look at the updated calendar on the DNS website, found here:

Dr Luigi Stefanelli, certification course in Rome, Italy
You can also find courses listed on the DNS app, which can be found in your app store (Mac or Android).
Silicon Review recently named ClaroNav as one of 10 Fastest Growing Robotics Companies 2017. Our CEO, Doron Dekel, was interviewed by Silicon Review as a part of this series and you can read this feature here.
Hot off the presses is our new brochure. It details the Navident workflow, its benefits for your dental practice, along with quotes and photos from Navidentusers. You can view it here.
title - Upcoming Tradeshows
We are looking forward to seeing you at the following tradeshows in Canada, Europe, South America and the United States. We invite you to visit our booth to try Navident 1.4 for yourself.
April 22, 2017
Toronto, Canada
April 27-30, 2017
Bakırköy Turkey
April 28-29 2017
Cartagena, Colombia
June 8-11, 2017
Orlando, Florida
Annual Meeting
June 22-25, 2017
Sarasota, Florida
August 3-5
San Diego, California
August 17-19
Vancouver, Canada
Luca, Doron and Tom from the ClaroNav team with Kutsal Tuac of 4C Medikal Ltd. at IDS 2017
ClaroNav Inc. is dedicated to the development of surgical navigation hardware and software.  Founded in 2001, as Claron Technology Inc., it has been actively involved in the development of surgical guidance technology since 2002.  The ClaroNav team have developed and commercialized a range of surgical navigation systems.  ClaroNav invented the MicronTracker, a unique position sensor based on visible light.  MicronTracker is now utilized in Navident and other navigation systems to provide sub-millimeter accuracy in positioning surgical tools.