Our Team

Ahmad Kolahi

CEO at CKI (A subsidiary of ClaroNav)

Ahmad has over 15 years’ experience in development, regulatory clearance, sales and marketing of surgical navigation systems. He started his career as a software developer focusing on developing stereo vision tracking device and extended it to developing software and hardware for surgical navigation systems. From 2010 to 2013 Ahmad worked with OEMs to develop navigation systems for ENT and neurosurgery. Since 2013, Ahmad has focused on developing Navient surgical navigation systems and obtaining regulatory approval for Navient in the U.S., Europe, China, Korea, Brazil, among other jurisdictions. Ahmad has attended hundreds of ENT and Neuro surgeries world-wide and gained clinical experience essential for the Navient product development.

Ahmad is the CEO of CKI leading all aspects of Navient product development since 2016, including building a global network of distributors.

Ahmad has a Math-Science background and graduated with master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with focus on Robotics and Control Systems. Ahmad is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario.