Our Team

Doron Dekel

Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Security Officer

Doron Dekel has a long track record of successfully leading the development of many pioneering medical visualization and surgical navigation products. Amongst them (with year of first clinical use): The first interactive medical 3-D visualization system (1985); the first real-time medical 3-D visualization system (1987); the leading 3D workstation for CT and MRI (1990); the first commercial surgical navigation system (1992); the most successful multi-modality multi-vendor medical imaging software framework (1992); the first user-programmable workflow UI in CT/MRI scanner consoles (1995); free-hand real-time ultrasound 3-D reconstruction (2000); volume rendering engine for consumer PCs (2000); first visible light optical pose tracking system (2004); high-performance CPU-based volume rendering engine in wide use (2004); first perspective CT colon flattening algorithm (2004); automatic detection of colon polyps (2005); full body CT atlas registration (2007); .NET-based multi-modality visualization, segmentation, registration and navigation framework in wide use (2008); the most compact and affordable ENT navigation system (2013); the most accurate and easily usable dental navigation system (2013).