Our Team

Dr. Ido Bermanis

Director of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Bermanis received his DMD from the Hebrew University – Hadassah School of Dental Medicine in 1999. He also holds Masters Degree in Clinical and Translational Sciences, obtained from the Faculty of Medicine in Tel-Aviv University. His research thesis focused on the development of an innovative CT-based 3D biomechanical model, designed for biomecanical-orthodontic analysis. Dr. Bermanis practiced dentistry for 13 years before joining Claronav in 2014, and has held the position of Clinical Director for Navident since 2017.

As Clinical Director, Dr. Bermanis serves as the dental clinician in charge of consulting and supporting the development processes from the clinical and usability perspectives, as well as linking between clinicians and Navident’s technical developers. As Navident’s chief trainer, Dr. Bermanis develops Navident’s training curriculum and materials, and qualifies Navident’s trainers.

Lives in Toronto, Canada.