Our Team

Nima Behzad

VP of Operations

Nima is a Technology enthusiast with a product management mindset. He has more than 10 years of experience in managing software, manufacturing and service/Maintenance projects in IT, Medical and mobile telecommunication industries.

He performed research and development in AI field with focus on Machine learning, Multiagent systems, and computer vision (Place categorization, Object detection and recognition…)

At ClaroNav (and Claron Technology) Nima has gained knowledge and experience in manufacturing and development of Medical devices, their regulatory, and quality requirements as well as a deep understanding of Claronav’s unique Computer Vision technology. He has developed the company’s structure and workflows for production, customer support (for the Medical products), and IT. He currently leads Operations activities and teams.

Nima has a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, as well as master’s degree in Robotics and intelligence systems with a focus in Computer Vision from Örebro University in Sweden.