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ClaroNav is filled with smart people, each of whom are actively involved in helping surgeons work more efficiently and productively.

.NET Image Processing and Graphics Software Engineer

Location: Toronto ON

Description: ClaroNav Inc. is offering a unique opportunity for a talented software engineer to participate in the development of innovative image-guided surgical navigation applications in direct collaboration with surgeons worldwide, working in a small team where everyone makes a big difference. The position reports directly to the Co-CEO and comes with an opportunity to gain ownership of company shares proportional to contribution.

We are looking for a C#/.NET software developer with strong interest and skills in image processing and graphics algorithms and who enjoys taking responsibility for complex tasks, excels in creative problem solving and is inspired by the desire to assist clinicians in providing better healthcare. The work is both highly challenging and highly rewarding emotionally.


  • Development of algorithms related to image processing and 3D graphics
  • UI code development on top of large algorithmic libraries
  • interacting directly with clinical users to obtain feedback and insight


  • Bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Science or closely related field
  • Residence in Canada, preferably in the Greater Toronto Area, or willingness to move to Canada.
  • High intelligence and demonstrable ability to creatively solve complex technical problems related to image processing, 3D visualization and user interface.
  • Excellent self-discipline, self-motivation and professional attitude towards meeting commitments even when contact with peers or supervisor is minimal.

Please note:
If your education, skills and interest lie in database-centric business applications or data science, your application will likely be rejected. We are looking for candidates with demonstrable interest and ability in developing medical imaging and graphics intensive applications. In evaluating candidates, we will consider evidence of both skills acquired through experience and natural brilliance. Exceptionally brilliant engineers from a well-respected university (eg, Waterloo, UofT) may be hired even without any relevant experience.

If interested in this position, please email your resume to [email protected]

Date Posted: 2021-02-05