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ClaroNav is filled with smart people, each of whom are actively involved in helping surgeons work more efficiently and productively.
Open position - Surgical Navigation Software Engineer
We are offering a unique opportunity for a talented software engineer to develop and evolve innovative image-guided surgical navigation systems and robots in direct collaboration with surgeons worldwide, working in a small team where everyone makes a big difference. The position reports directly to the Co-CEO and comes with an opportunity to gain ownership of company shares proportional to contribution.

Responsibilities include algorithmic and UI development, interfacing to motion tracking and mechatronic devices, building and testing prototypes, and interacting directly with clinical users to obtain feedback and insight. We are looking for a well-rounded engineer who enjoys taking responsibility for complex tasks, excels in creative problem solving and is inspired by the desire to assist clinicians in providing better healthcare. The work is both highly challenging and highly rewarding emotionally.

Key qualifications:
• BSc/MSc/PhD in Computer/Software engineering or closely related fields.
• Residence in Canada (to comply with tax incentives).
• Experience developing medical imaging or 3D rendering based applications in a Windows/.NET environment
• Proven ability to creatively solve complex problems in image processing, 3D visualization and user interface.
• Strong motivation and enthusiasm for creating a superb product that users love to use.
• Excellent self-discipline, self-motivation and professional attitude towards meeting commitments even when contact with peers or supervisor is minimal.
• Good spatial reasoning skills (can mentally manipulate 3D objects).
• Highly desirable – Experience with image guided surgical navigation technology using CT imaging or with control of surgical robots.

If you’re interested, please send your resume to [email protected]m. We will respond to all applications within 3 business days.