Photogrammetry Camera


The Micron Mapper is the next generation of advanced photogrammetry.


Key Benefits:

  • Lightweight device at just over 1 lb.  Allows for increased ease of use and mobility during scan capture
  • 1 scan body for soft tissue & photogrammetry scans
  • Simplified process for producing a quality case
  • Replace scan bodies individually
  • Minimal calibration needed

Photogrammetry is the latest innovative technology to help reduce the stress and time involved with dental implants. Photogrammetry enables clinicians and surgeons to render a three-dimensional image of a full arch structure quickly and easily. This advancement in digital dentistry offers significant benefits for both the patient and the doctor. Photogrammetry is particularly vital for full-mouth dental implants, as it provides a number of benefits over verification jigs or impressions.

Contact for USA: SIN Dental

Contact for Global: [email protected]