MicronTracker uses stereoscopic vision in real time to detect and track specially-marked objects. MicronTracker can be used in a variety of clinical guided procedures including image-guided surgery, ablation, and biopsy, performed manually or using robotics. MicronTracker also supports augmented reality, which provides an intuitive approach for handling clinical procedures.

MicronTracker leads a new generation of trackers that use visible light and computer vision to detect fully passive marked targets and track them by processing standard video images.

Easy setup and tear down

Unlike competitive systems that require stocking, mounting and unmounting of single-use components or batteries for each tool being tracked, MicronTracker uses permanent steam sterilizable tool markers, making all tools always immediately ready for navigation.

MicronTacker uses the smallest and lightest cameras in its class and can be easily positioned even where space is at a premium. Because of its extra light weight no massive supporting arms or tripods are needed. Camera positioning is faster since, being smaller, lighter and insensitive to IR reflections, the camera can be positioned just above the field, where lines of sight are easily maintained throughout the operation. MicronTracker’s visible light video images show the user exactly where the visibility boundaries are.

Low purchase and operating cost

MicronTracker’s attractive cost is achieved by simple design and reliance on standard hardware components (no custom electronics). All savings are passed on to the users. With MicronTracker there are no additional costs for disposables. DuraMarks markers are sterializable and can be used at least 100 times.

Software that makes it easy to build a complete system

The versatile MicronTracker software provides rich and flexible APIs, compliant with Windows, and Linux. The demo application included in the product, available in source code, provides an excellent starting point for booting up new application development.

MicronTracker Benefits

MicronTracker incorporates a set of features designed to meet the needs of both clinical and research clients.

MicronTracker Customers

Here is a partial list of our OEM Clients and Partners to date. We work with several multinational giants in our field, other small start-ups like us and some of the most prestigious medical centers around the world. We strive to be a strategic partner with each client and to provide innovative, responsive and cost-effective solutions to their imaging problems.

OEM Clients

Measurement Clients

Many of MicronTracker’s customers are among the most prestigious medical centers around the world. Here is a small sample:

Our Offering

We provide all the hardware and software platform tools you need to integrate MicronTracker into your application. We offer development services to help you develop your MicronTracker-based product. And we produce ready-to-use image-guided surgery systems for cranial and ENT applications. To learn more, discuss your application, or receive a quote, please contact us.