Up-to-date information regarding ClaroNav and its products

Navident Newsletter Updated

Note From The CEO With the transition from Navident 1 to Navident 2/TaP, 2018 was a pivotal, exciting year for us. I’m grateful to have had the chance to contribute in some small way to your professionalism, and to have had the chance to personally meet and get to...

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Navigated guided surgery course

ClaroNav has a strong focus on education -- that's why we started the Dynamic Navigation Society. It is a way to connect our expert users with new doctors so that our Navi Masters can show them how to use and integrate dynamic navigation into their practice. On...

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2019 Tradeshows for MicronTracker

MicronTracker is a family of 3rd generation real-time sub-millimeter optical pose-tracking products. It is at the heart of Navident and NaviENT, and many companies, institutions, and universities rely on its optical trackers for their products and research. So far,...

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ClaroNav on social media

ClaroNav is active on various social media accounts. You can follow us there to stay in touch: Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube  LinkedIn Social media is a great way to stay up to date on what we are doing and where we are. There, you'll find surgical videos,...

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2019 Tradeshows for Navident

Navident's 2019 tradeshow schedule has been published. You can view it here. More events will be added so be sure to check back. Visiting us at tradeshows is a great way to try Navident for yourself and to ask us any questions you might have about dynamic navigation,...

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New Navident Testimonials

The testimonial page has been updated with quotes from several leading doctors on how they value Trace and Place. You can view the testimonials here. “Trace and Place reduces exposure to radiation by eliminating additional scans, completely erases the presurgical...

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