Navient Neuro-navigation System Receives Chinese Regulatory Clearance


Dec 16, 2021 – Toronto, ON: ClaroNav Kolahi Inc, a subsidiary of ClaroNav Inc, is pleased to announce that it has received Chinese regulatory clearance from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) to market and sell its Navient Cranial model in China. Previously it had received NMPA approval for Navient ENT model.

Navient, an image-guided surgical navigation system, is like a GPS for the surgeon to navigate inside the patient skull. It provides three-dimensional visualization and assists surgeons with finding their ways inside the patient skull navigating their way safely to the diseased area.

“Navient is an innovative image-guided surgical navigation system offering an intuitive software workflow, accurate navigation, reliable hardware in an elegant and portable design. The product is well aligned with our corporate strategy of benefiting Chinese patients and surgeons with advanced technologies.” Said Mr. Pan Wang, CEO at Nanning Xinzizhu Trading Co., Ltd., Navient’s exclusive distributor in China. “We are very excited in receiving Chinese NMPA approval and looking forward to further expanding our activities in China to provide the best service and support to our customers.”

“Chinese NMPA approval opens a significant market to Navient. We are thrilled that our Navient product now has regulatory approval from all major regulatory agencies including US FDA, European CE, Health Canada, Korean MFDS, Brazilian ANVISA and Taiwan FDA.” said Ahmad Kolahi, CEO of CKI “Navient has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The result is a product that enables the surgeons to operate the system more confidently and accurately. We are looking forward to working with our partner in China and making image-guided surgery standard-of-care in China.”


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About ClaroNav Inc.

ClaroNav is a medical device hardware and software company focused on surgical navigation headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and is represented worldwide by authorized distributors. ClaroNav is dedicated to innovation and developing state-of-the-art surgical navigation systems.


About Nanning Xinzizhu Trading Co. Ltd (XZZ)

XZZ is Navient’s exclusive distributor in China headquartered in Nanning, China. XZZ’s is focused on improving medical conditions in China by importing innovative and state-of-the-art international medical devices. XZZ’s covers over 20 provinces and services more than 50 hospitals.


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