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Testimonials for Navident with Trace and Place (TaP)

Testimonials for Navident

“Surgical navigation has the potential to change the playing field, allowing us to more easily place implants with greater precision.”

Dr. Michael McGuire

Houston, United States

“The future is now with dynamic surgical navigation. Navident allows for accurate, precise implant placement, with the ability to view placement in real time. Increased confidence when planning implants in sites with close root proximity, the esthetic zone as well as the ability to adjust implant size on the fly. Taking a CT scan and virtually placing implants in real time.”

Dr. David Lipton

Houston, United States

“Navident will undoubtedly be the new standard of care in the near future, much like CBCT has become an indispensable tool in any surgical practice. For those who strive to stay ahead of the curve it is the next must-have.”

Dr. Ramin Azghandi

Germantown, United States

“Navident has been a great asset to our office. Not only has it been a marketing tool but also has given patients confidence and ease with implant procedures. Navident is an exciting new venture for this office and keeps us technology savvy and up to date with implant procedures.”

Dr. Hector Sarmiento

New York, United States

“The Navident system is the next leap forward in CBCT based implantology. The ability to verify and validate, in real time, positional accuracy of osteotomy site preparation and implant positioning is unlike anything that has ever been available before outside a research center. Every day and every case now closes with me knowing (and having a medicolegal record of proof) that I am providing the most accurate and precise implant placement for my patients and referring doctors to maximize functional and esthetic prosthetic outcomes. In a discipline that depends largely on precision and accuracy, there should be and can be no more excuses.”

Dr. George A. Mandelaris

Chicago, United States

“Navident is the future of guidance in dental implantology. The inevitable evolvement of Navident in the near future is going to enlighten the path for more and more precise placement of dental implants which is one of the most critical keys for long term success of implants and successful dental prosthesis.

After a certain amount of Navident experience, we believe that Navident is a must for flapless placement of dental implants. Navident provides you extra information of how well you are doing during placement so you have the chance to correct yourself right away. It is also very effectively used for correct placement and alignment of implants in long edentulous areas and fully edentulous cases if flapped procedure is needed.”

Dr. Yakup Üstün, Dr. Noyan Başal, Dr. Hakan Uysal, Dr. Tolga Akova

SEE Implant Dentistry Training Team, Istanbul and Adana, Turkey

“Real-time navigation is a valuable alternative to stereolithographic (static) guided surgery as it offers the clinician some advantages compared to the former technique. Using real-time (dynamic) navigation one can avoid the fabrication of a stereolithographic template resulting in a less expensive treatment. As navigation is considered as a dynamic guided surgery system, changes to the treatment planning (location and size of the implants, number of the implants, flap or flapless…) can be easily made intra-operatively. Also the tactile feeling during the drilling procedure, as well as the manual control over the implant stability, is still present when using navigation surgery.”

Dr. Jan D'Haese

Ghent, Belgium

“Navident is another step towards a complete digital workflow for dental implant treatment. Having used the system for several months now, I would not want to go back to preparing and placing dental implants without its 3D visual guidance. For me, acquiring Navident has been a logical progression in my personal desire to achieve the very best I can for my patients.”

Dr. David Burgess

Carbis Bay, United Kingdom

“I started guiding implants in 2003 and went through the historical process of creating radiopaque markers in the guide, then radiopaque teeth, complex segmentations, dual and optical scans and even printing my own guides digitally. Navigation in real time or dynamic guided surgery is an easy, simple and fascinating technology that allows us to scan, plan and guide implants in minutes. Each and every step of the procedure has been simplified to allow easy integration in your everyday implant dentistry armamentarium and clinical protocols. Visualizing anatomical structures and the location of your surgical bur in real time is a powerful advantage that will bring safety, speed and precision to your clinical procedures. I love it and the patients love it. My back and neck also love it as I work in a perfect ergonomic position. I invite you to join the family of dentists that have adopted Navigation in their practices. You won’t regret.”

Dr. Alvaro Ordonez

South Miami, United States

“The system’s accuracy is immediately evident with an accuracy check done during the simple calibration process by touching on anatomical markers. This reference, done as you change drills, ensures patient safety throughout the entire procedure.”

Dr. Luigi Stefanelli

Rome, Italy

“Predictability of surgery and restoration are assured with Navident, allowing us to pre-plan the case and relative crown position accurately, combined with the surgical precision Navident provides makes life easier for both the surgical and restorative clinician”

Dr. Natalie Wong

Toronto, Canada