Thank you to Dr. Selene Kuo and Dr. Tzu-Shan Chiu for an amazing webinar.

Navident 3.0 Full Mouth Rehabilitation: The New Functional Abutment Selection and Bone Screw Trace Registration

All-On-X for patents with failing dentition or full edentulism is one of the common treatment modality in daily practice of modern dental field. However, with the increased complexity of treatment, maintaining the most favorable survival and success rate remains challenging. Utilizing dynamic navigation system in treatment of such implant surgery provides outstanding precision contributing to optimal biological, mechanical, and esthetic parameters. Treatment plan and clinical execution using the latest version of navigation system (Navident 3.0) will be discussed in this webinar.

Learning Objectives:
1. Full digital workflow of All-On-X will be discussed utilizing navigation system.
2. Features of the latest version of navigation system (Navident 3.0) will be introduced.