The Semi Robotics & GPS in Dentistry conference was held on June 8, 2023, in Mumbai, India

Venue: the Headquarters of the Indian Dental Association in Mumbai


Summary of the presentations:

Mani Krishnan, Indian Distribution Partner for Claronav Navident – Marks Biotech Inc. introduced Claronav Navident, and explained its success and the sharp increase in the Navident user base in India.

– Erik Chang, Claronav APAC Head of Business & Clinical Marketing, showed the Entire Digital Workflow of the Technology with a presentation & Demonstration on Navident Evo System

– Dr Niraj Kiraniwala presented multiple cases using Navident in Endodontics Planning, including Calcified Canals and  Apicectomy. He also showed his publication in Endodontics and gave a Global Perspective on the use of Navident in Endo

Dr Sanjay Jain presented cases for Navident procedures for Sinus Lift, Implants with Bone Augmentation, Full Arch Implants Placement, and All on 4 Immediate Loading Protocols with Immediate Temporisation. He also described the activities of the Dynamic Navigation Society’s Chapter in India

Dr Rahul Shah presented on Advanced Surgical Procedures using Navident like Pterygoid, Zygoma Cases. He has completed 200 Zygoma Implants using Navident. He shared how Navident transformed his practice & career.

The day included even more presentations on the future of dynamic navigation for Indian clinicians.

Live surgery

There were two clinical demonstrations on live patients with Dental Implants Cases. Participants learned each step of the process, from planning the cases in the Navident Software to Tracing. Implant placement was done live on a patient with participants watching by 2 Way Communication from Auditorium.

VR Display & AI Integrated Devices were used by Dr Rahul Shah, who was operating on the patient, to showcase the Advanced Features of Navident on compatibility with futuristic technology today in the market



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Indian & South Asian customers who wish to learn more about Navident can visit Marks Biotech Inc.’s website here