EvaluMap: free dental photogrammetry accuracy evaluation application

EvaluMap Release 1.1.1.zip (Windows 10/11)


The purpose of dental photogrammetry is to map the locations and orientation of multiunit abutments (MUAs) accurately enough to ensure a passive fit of a prosthesis designed using that mapping data. EvaluMap aims to enable assessment of the precision and, if possible, the accuracy of the maps generated by such systems. The white paper titled “MicronMapper’s Accuracy”, found in the Examples folder, provides a detailed discussion of this subject and demonstrates how EvaluMap was applied to assessment of a dental photogrammetry system.

EvaluMap can currently decode the numerical result files of MicronMapper and other commonly used photogrammetry systems. Examples of such files are provided. If you are using a different file format, you would need to manually convert it to one of these formats, or send us a few examples of the files you want to load and we will add support for them in a future release.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or requests, or if you would like to receive a reference model for accuracy evaluation, please write to us at [email protected].