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May 2019  | Issue: No. 15

Navident 2.1 Upgrade Released

Navident was recently updated by releases 2.1 and 2.1.1. Here’s how these updates made Navident better:

  • Support for calibration and navigation of Piezoelectric saw and high speed handpiece (requires the new Calibrator tool)
  • Ability to modify thickness in 2D viewports (improves visual appearance of the CT data)
  • Revamped workflow for registration of the soft tissue scan model. The workflow now supports incorporation of multiple surface scans (intraoral scan/STL)
  • More streamlined customer support: Ability to upload cases/data directly to ClaroNav servers (with patient identification info automatically anonymized) for problem diagnosis and assistance
  • Ability to change the drill diameters and saw widths using the calibrator, purely gesture based workflow
  • Improved trace registration algorithm and workflow: warnings added for common pitfalls during landmark placement
  • Trace Visualizer: Ability to view trace history and select individual traces. The trace visualizer will educate the user about issues with a selected trace, which will help educate about common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Improved barcode scan workflow
  • Support for mouse button shortcuts (zoom/pan) in view manipulation
  • Navigation workflow updates
  • Suspension of MS-Windows automatic updates
  • No license consumption during accuracy check with the Tracer

Here is Dr. Arish Qazi, head of Navident Software R&D, demonstrating big improvements in the STL registration function:

Updating Your System

If you still need help updating your Navident system, or using any of the upgrades, your best resource is Anna Abramovic, our Inside Sales & Customer Service Coordinator.

She recently moved to Germany, which is great news for clinicians in the EMEA region due to the time zone change, but she is still available to help clinicians in North and South America as well as Asia. Below is a short video from her.

You can contact her at [email protected]

DNS Symposium

The Dental Navigation Society (DNS) is growing and becoming more active internationally. In the video message bellow, DNS’ President, Dr. Luigi Stefanelli, explains his vision for the future of the society and invites anyone with interest in dynamic navigation to join him in Rome, Italy, on 5-6 July 2019 for the inaugural international DNS Symposium.

The brochure for the Symposium is found here. Its registration form is found here.


Doron Dekel, our inventor/engineer Co-CEO, agreed to share with us some of his thoughts and insights into surgical navigation technology, applications, and research. He decided to do it in a series of short video presentations – a video blog. He started in a provocative tone, summarizing his first post thus:

“There are some serious issues with the way navigation accuracy is measured and reported on in the scientific literature: (1) there are often too many numbers that are hard to understand and compare, (2) the universal assumption that the statistical distribution of deviations is normal is wrong, and, therefore, the translation of published numbers to clinically relevant values is wrong, and the statistical significance calculation is wrong. I conclude with a series of recommendations on how to better measure and compare navigation accuracy in clinical studies.”

Please take a look and share your reaction on our Facebook post, or write to him directly at [email protected]

Endo Opportunities

We noticed a growing excitement about using dynamic navigation for minimally invasive access to calcified root canals (see video below). Note that this is experimental/off-label usage. Navident has not yet been regulatory cleared for endodontic indications.

Opportunities To Try Navident

Here are opportunities to get hands on training or a chance to see a demo for Navident:


A list of of our summer trade show schedule and our hands on training is found here.

On May 22, Dr. Jacqueline López Gross from the Savanna Dental Group is hosting a dinner and presentation on Dynamic Navigation in her office in London, Ontario, which qualifies for 1 CE. To learn more, please view the course brochure here.


For further Information:


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Dental XP International Conference in Pueblo, Mexico – May 3-4, 2019

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