Targeting Perfection


May 2020  | Issue: No. 18

Message from our CEO

(Left to right): Doron Dekel, our co-CEO, with Dr. Silvia La Rosa, Dr. Luigi Stefanelli and Luca Casalena

I’m a chronic risk taker. Until recently I flew paramotors at world record speeds and was not afraid to modify everything about the rickety jigs I was flying to a get an edge, including adding a bunch of wires and pulleys to the paraglider wing I was flying to be able to remotely scrunch it to a small size in flight. The wing tore apart, and I crashed and died. Not really, of course. The wing did tear, but I survived unharmed because I made sure I’ve had safety margins. I conducted my experiments only at a high altitude, where I’d have plenty of time to react and fix problems before mama earth smites me hard for my follies. I also carried a rocket propelled parachute, just in case.

Life is risky. Shit happens. The trick to survive a surprise shit storm, like COVID -19, is to operate with safety margins. Being a risk-taking pilot taught me to keep some extra gas in the tank, some extra distance from ground and to always carry a rescue ‘chute. Running a business at the risky edge of innovation taught me to diversify our markets, to keep a substantial cash buffer, and to periodically assess and mitigate risks. ClaroNav has been a pioneering self-funded high-tech business for almost 20 years, which included a bad recession and many nasty surprises, yet never skipped a single paycheck or asked a single supplier to give us a break.

As our revenues and operations grew exponentially over the last few years, we also built ourselves safety margins. We diversified by growing our MicronTracker and Navient businesses to nearly the same revenues level each as our Navident business, and are launching a new NaviX OEM (B2B) business. We recently brought in $2M of extra cash in a private placement, and we tripled our low interest credit line by switching to a more competitive bank. These steps created a large enough safety margin to practically ensure ClaroNav will survive the current crisis and will thrive as life returns to normal, or close to it, whenever that happens.

Thinking about your business, the dental clinic, operating in pandemic times, I’d like to believe that Navident can help increase safety margins for you and your patients in several ways:

– Reduce number of patient visits per treatment. Plan in detail in advance, then execute the plan correctly and accurately in a single visit.
– Stay away from the spray. Sit up and look forward while you drill, instead of facing the patient’s mouth.
– Reduce tissue cutting and suturing time, when you are facing the patient’s mouth.
– Reduce tissue exposure to airborne infections: minimize flap size.

First, do not harm, right?

Let’s all continue to hope for the best, while being better prepared for the worst.


Navident 2.2 Updates

(Pictured): Dr. Joey Chen

Navident 2.2 Software update is being released Friday, June 5th, 2020

Here are the highlights of this feature packed release!

Enhanced Planning:

– Implant; Grouping, Paralleling, Position Locking, All on X Capable
– 3rd Party STL Import with Dicom Coordinates for Prosthetic Planning.
– 360 degrees implant orientation
– 3D View Rendering Speed and UI

Enhanced Registration:

– STL Registration for Tracing (PFM Crowns / Metal Artifact Solution)
– Fiducial Screw Touch Registration: Point Pairs
– STL Buccal Bite Registration (Integration of Antagonist for Prosthetic)

Enhanced Navigation and Evaluation:

– Drill Tip Visualization for Tip Only Tools.
– EvaluNav greatly improved and integrated into Navident
– Enhanced case sharing with ClaroNav

Connecting Navident to the internet will automatically update the system if you are eligible for this update.

Innovation is central to the ClaroNav team and, as a result, we are constantly updating the Navident system. If you’d like to learn more about Navident 2.2, please contact [email protected] or fill out this form to request online training.

Watch for an invite for Navident Users Online Training in June

Navident Learning Series

(Pictured): Dr. Luigi Stefanelli

Master Clinical Trainers from around the world have hosted webinars during the past two months on the topic of dynamic navigation.

Here are the exciting presenters and topics from the past 2 months:

Dr Selene Kuo
Digital Full Mouth Implant Rehabilitation

Dr Isaac Tawil
Digital Dynamic Sinus and Digital Dynamic Shield

Dr George Mandelaris
Dynamic Navigation and All on 4: Transitioning the Natural Dentition to Full Arch Implants Rehabilitation

Dr Silvia LaRosa
Dynamic Navigation: All Implant Solutions Under One System

Dr Bobby Nadeau
Optimizing Ergonomics with Dynamic Navigation and Microscope Dentistry

Dr Paula Villa
Dynamic Navigation for Microsurgery in Everyday Practice

Dr Joey Chen
All on X with Dynamic Surgical Navigation

The Use of Pterygoid Implants for the Treatment of the Atrophic Maxilla
Dr. Luigi Stefanelli

To view these webinars, click here.

Expert Panel: Prof. T. Testori, Dr. G. Mandelaris, Dr. A. Franchina, Dr. L.V. Stefanelli challenge themselves on cutting edge technologies.

View this panel here.

We also hosted a dynamic online study group for Navident, featuring many European master clinical trainers. Videos are available in either Italian or English.

View the Navident online study club here.

We’d like to thank our Navident All Star list of presenters for the time, effort and quality of their webinars. We encourage everyone to continue learning and continue sharing!

We’ll Meet Again


ClaroNav recorded a hopeful musical message. All company departments joined in to say / sing we’ll meet again some sunny day soon. May the sun shine on all of us!

Navident Online Education


If you’d like training on the new 2.2 update or a demonstration of all the system’s capabilities Navident Online Education is the place.
If you have the Navident system, one of our trainers can virtually introduce you to the update or train on any area of focus

If you are new to Navident we can provide an online demo and answer any questions you may have.

To sign up, please fill out this form

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