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December 2020  | Issue: No. 19

Feliz Navident
Our take on a Holiday Classic! From our Navi-Family to Yours!

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Navident 3.0 Coming in January 2021

Navident 3.0 will soon be here to help ring in a better year!
Here is a look at what we have done to make a better 2021!

Training Update

This year has required us all to adapt and one positive outcome has been the development of quality remote training protocols.

Remote Training Enhanced by Facebook Portal

A tool used to help connect with family members during the pandemic is helping us connect with our Navi-Family members for virtual training and clinical support. With the ability to get a wide view of the room and zoom in on the action as needed, Portal creates a wonderfully interactive and effective training experience.

We will send out a Facebook Portal with each Navident system purchase!

We will also be asking all of our users to sign up for Navident 3.0 Remote Training and receive a new Facebook Portal to enhance your 2 day training session.

Both the trainer and the client will be utilizing their Facebook Portals for a truly robust and dynamic hands on training experience.

Additional remote and in-person Training will be made available upon request. To inquire about individual sessions or find out more about courses in your area contact:

North America: [email protected]
EMEA: [email protected] or [email protected]
APAC: [email protected]

New APAC Training Facility Open for Business

Our Taiwanese dealer SmartLINKx Biotech has been incredibly successful in the promotion, sales and training of Navident users. As such they have developed a highly skilled group of clinical experts offering basic and advanced Navident courses.

Geographically positioned a short flight from our Asia Pacific user base and intellectually positioned to offer top caliber training programs in several languages to any Navident user, the opening of a Navident 4D Training Center was a logical step.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

New Distributors

New Distributors
Dealers in 25 countries on 5 continents are now available to sell and support Navident. While 2020 was a very challenging year for all of us, 7 New Distributors joined our network this year:


Marks Biotech Inc., India
Innodent Trading Co. Ltd., Thailand
Viet Dang Medicine Dentistry Equipment Joint Stock Company, Vietnam


BS Dental S.R.O., Czech Republic
Dentingo e.K., Germany

Latin America

DMM Odontologia, Brazil
NavidentCol, Colombia

To get more details and contact any of our 30 international distributors, please email [email protected]

Opportunities To Try Navident


If you have any questions regarding any of the information contained in this newsletter please contact your Navident partner organization or the appropriate person below.

Corporate Partnerships and International Distribution:
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Southern Europe
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Canada + (West NY, OH, Ind, Ill, Mi, Min, ND, Mon, Id, Wash)
Darrell Cook
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Dr. Francisco Casadesus
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Training and Continuing Education
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