June 2017

Issue: No. 9

Navident recently debuted a new patient education video. It’s a great tool for surgeons to use when explaining Navident technology to patients or referrals on a website, in a seminar or in the waiting room. Featuring doctor and patient interviews along with a clear breakdown of the Navident 4-step process, this sleek video is sure to reduce patient anxiety while inspiring confidence and trust in the surgeon and the technology. Watch it here.
ClaroNav unveiled a new website in June. Early feedback is that the site is visually appealing, user friendly and well organized. ClaroNav’s three main products — Navident, NaviENT and MicronTracker — each have their own well-defined sections. For Navident, all newsletters, videos, webinars, articles, case studies, research, upcoming tradeshows and educational opportunities are easily accessible. Visit our new website here and let us know what you think:
Master Clinical Trainer Dr. George Mandelaris will be holding a comprehensive day of education related to dynamic surgical navigation, inclusive of live surgical demonstrations in his state of the art AAHC surgical facility outside of Chicago, Illinois on August 19, 2017. For a limited time, there will be 2 doctors for the price of 1 tuition so you can bring a colleague for free. Please view the attached brochure here. It contains the full course details and registration information.

Pictured: Dr. George Mandelaris

Ciao! Three Master Clinical Trainers from America, Dr. Mandelaris, Dr. David Lipton and Dr. Bradley DeGroot, are heading to Rome, Italy in July to share and expand their collective knowledge and proficiency of Navident surgery with Master Clinical Trainer Dr. Luigi Stefanelli. They will perform 20 procedures on partially and fully edentulous patients and will later lecture to a large group of Italian Navident users at Istituto Stomatologico Toscano (see flyer here).
Pictured: Dr. Luigi Stefanelli
ClaroNav is proud to be a Canadian company and honoured by the way our technology is being adopted around the world. In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, Team Navident would like to extend a very special offer to our current and new users.  
For the entire month of July, any order of 100 Navident Procedure kits will be filled with 150 Navident Procedure Kits.

This is a savings of over $3000 and our way of celebrating with our global users during our country’s birth month.

The ClaroNav team will be attending shows all over North America, Europe and South America during the summer and fall seasons. View schedule here. If you’ll be attending one of these shows, then schedule in some time to stop by the exhibitor area and see our booth. If you’re located nearby and would like to try Navident for yourself, contact us via email at [email protected] and we can set up an appointment.

Dr. Francisco Casadesus demonstrating Navident at Dental XP Cartagena