Newsletters – Issue 5

April 2016

Issue: No. 5

In February of 2016, 7 surgeons practicing in Canada, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Sweden and Colombia responded to a data collection request and reported on their results using the Navident system. Those 7 surgeons had collectively performed 150 surgeries, in which 352 implants were placed.

All surgeons reported that Navident performed its function fully and well in all cases with no complications or adverse events.

All surgeons were fully satisfied with on screen drilling guidance and the final placement of the dental implants. The surgeons indicated their satisfaction in the survey comments and in comments relating to their post-op x-ray results or their post-op CBCT results.

For 22 implants, 3 surgeons provided both pre-op and post-op CBCT, enabling us to accurately compare planned and actual implant placements. The average deviation was 1.0 mm at the entry and 1.3 mm at the apex with an average angular deviation of 5 degrees.

Navident was a relatively new tool in the hands of these surgeons and the learning curve effect was observed in the accuracy results. The most experienced surgeon of the 3 had 1.0 mm of deviation at both the entry point and the apex and only 3 degrees of angular deviation.

Dr. Alvaro Ordonez using Navident in Bogota, Colombia

We are proud to welcome two dynamic industry, technology and sales leaders from Europe and North America to the ClaroNav team.

Luca Casalena: Regional Sales Manager Southern Europe
[email protected]

Luca is passionate about innovation applied to healthcare. He has contributed to the launch of new technologies applied to dentistry such as laser, computer guided implantology, and new CAD CAM prosthetic materials. He graduated “summa cum laude” in economics at La Sapienza di Roma University in 1988 and post graduated at Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management in Arizona, in 1998, where he received a Master of Business Administration. He has gained significant experience in sales and marketing at corporations both in Italy and abroad.


Darrell Cook: National Account Manager Canada
[email protected]

Darrell Cook, our National Account Manager for Canada, is an Electronics Engineering Technologist with over 20 years of experience in customer service, product launch, distribution management as well as marketing and sales in highly technical environments.  He has managed business opportunities throughout North America including supervising multi-state territories in the U.S.  Darrell has worked with dental implant manufacturers, partnering with clinical specialists, general practitioners, dental laboratories and their staff.  He has received training on advanced regenerative and restorative techniques.  His experience has included educating clients on system protocols as well as clinical and operatory support to improve the level of dental implant therapy offered to a doctor’s patients using the latest digital technologies.

Dr. Yolanda Cruz is a successful dentist whose thriving practice is located in the heart of vibrant downtown Toronto.

Over the years Yolanda has taken implant courses offered by the renowned Dr. Carl Misch, Nobel Biocare, BioHorizons and a specific Computer Guided Implant system.  Yet in the last 5 years she has placed none of her own implants.

“I stopped doing implants when I had a failure due to the implant being in the wrong position which made me frustrated. I lost my confidence at that point and have not placed any implants since then.”

Until last month…..

“Navident made me excited to be placing implants with confidence. I know I’m helping the patient with excellent service and I’m very happy I was introduced to Navident”.

Before owning a Navident system, all Dr. Cruz’s implant surgeries were done by a local specialist, Dr. Natalie Wong. Upon seeing Navident in action in Dr. Cruz’s office, Dr. Wong purchased a system for her own office.

Dr. Wong is an accomplished Prosthodontist with a specialty practice, CBCT scanning centre and an implant training institute in Toronto’s affluent midtown.
When we installed her system, she observed: “I think it’s great that Navident has given Yolanda the confidence to do implant cases again and I see it as a major breakthrough for implant dentistry. Being guided in real time without a physical guide is amazing. I plan on using it not only on my simple cases but especially in my difficult ones, where identification and avoidance of critical structures can be accomplished with confidence and precision.”
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April 7-9, 2016
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Joint Dental Specialty Meeting
April 9, 2016
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Idex Istanbul
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ITI Congress Benelux
April 15-16, 2016
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International Osteology Symposium
April 21-23, 2016
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American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2016
April 28-30, 2016
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Journees dentaires internationales du Quebec 46th Annual Convention
May 27-31, 2016
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ClaroNav Inc. is dedicated to the development of surgical navigation hardware and software.  Founded in 2001, as Claron Technology Inc., it has been actively involved in the development of surgical guidance technology since 2002.  The ClaroNav team have developed and commercialized a range of surgical navigation systems.  ClaroNav invented the MicronTracker, a unique position sensor based on visible light.  MicronTracker is now utilized in Navident and other navigation systems to provide sub-millimeter accuracy in positioning surgical tools.