When you signed up to be a dentist, there are a few things you probably didn’t count on.

You may find yourself having to run a dental practice, meaning you find yourself in the role of a small business owner. They probably didn’t teach you the ins and outs of that in dental school.

You will also find that the learning never ends.

Dental school gives you a great foundation, but you have to invest in yourself each year to keep your knowledge up to date, cutting edge and effective.

Some of this is mandatory with obligatory CE hours.

Some of it comes from your inner drive and desire to be the best in your field of dentistry.

You want to treat the complicated cases, succeed and make more money. You want to expand your practice into high cost procedures. You may even want to push yourself even further to master techniques like dental implants so you become sought after.

But no matter what path you take, you will find yourself at a dental conference.

So the question becomes, how can you get the most out of it?

Here are three tips


Plan content goals.

You have to know in advance what you want to learn and what you want out of the speeches and sessions. When you get the schedule ahead of time, you’ll be able to plan your time so that you know that you’re going to finish the conference with the knowledge you went there for.


Plan networking goals.

Conferences are a great opportunity to meet new people who can further your dental career, provide mentorship and offer friendships. For each conference you go to, find out who is going. Then decide, who do you want to meet? How many coffee dates can you schedule? Can you reach out to people ahead of the conference and set something up, or can you get someone to make an introduction?

The content of the conference is important but the people are invaluable.


Attend the exhibitor area.

If you want to meet the future of new technology and test it out for yourself, then visit the exhibitor area. The right technology can improve efficiency, raise the value of your practice and allow you to take on cases you may have been reluctant to take on before. It widens your options and gives you more room to succeed as a dentist.

The key is to focus on the leading edge technology that matters to your dental practice and specialty.

If you are focused on dental implants or that’s an area you want to branch out into, then your focus is dental implant technology like Navident.

At our booth ….

Do you want to test Navident? Check
Do you want to talk to an expert about it? Check.
Do you want to see it in action? Check.
Do you want to make arrangements to have an in office demo after you get back home? Check.
Do you want to make arrangements to use Navident in an educational setting? Check.

Navident will be exhibiting at the following conferences:

ICOI, Berlin (October 15 – 17) Booth 41
AAID 2015, Las Vegas (Oct 21 – 24) Booth 1013
AAP 2015, Orlando (Nov 14 – 17) Booth 518

If you’re going, make plans to stop by our booth.

Also, if you want information about Navident at future conferences, then visit the Events section of the website.


Pictured: Navident team at EAO Congress 2015