Implant surgery
Patient’s burden reduced

The medical treatment corporation Inoue Dental Clinic (Nishi 9 Jōminami, Obihiro-shi, Director Hiroyuki Inoue) has introduced a special device “Navident” equipped with the dynamic guide system to accurately navigate the implant placement position. “First introduction in dentistry in Hokkaido. Leads to reduction of patient’s anxiety and burden” (Director Hiroyuki)

The implant is a treatment to embed the dental implant in the jawbone of the missing tooth, and fix the artificial teeth over the dental implant. Navident calculates the accurate placement position by flowing the position of drill and patient’s jaw, projects the X-ray image of the mouth to the computer in real-time during surgery, and leads to the exact position. It is made in Canada.

doc2Introduced Navident system and Director Inoue

Director Inoue (52) explains, “The image of doing the surgery while seeing inside the gum that cannot be seen, is like seeing inside with the gastro camera.

After opening the hospital in 1994, Director Inoue was the first Japanese to graduate from implant program at the New York University in the United States during the year 2003 to learn the latest technology. He also serves as the clinical professor at Shimane University. It is said that he has performed more than 3000 cases of implant surgeries, and “The surgery time of 5-10 minutes per implant is considerably fast and surprising when compared with usual persons”.

Navident was introduced during the month end, and already used in several cases. According to Director Inoue, there are only about 10 devices in Japan at the places like the Fukuoka University Faculty of Medicine etc. He says, “Honestly surprised by accurate and fast movement beyond expectation. Patient can undergo the surgery feeling much safer. I would like to link with the community healthcare by adopting the latest device”.

For inquiries, contact this hospital (0155-25-6480). (Izumi Sato)