ClaroNav has a strong focus on education — that’s why we started the Dynamic Navigation Society. It is a way to connect our expert users with new doctors so that our Navi Masters can show them how to use and integrate dynamic navigation into their practice.

On November 9, 2018, Drs. Todd Scheyer and David Lipton hosted an all day workshop on navigated guided surgery at The McGuire Institute – Perio Health Professional that included live surgical demonstrations with Navident.

Here are two testimonials:

“This eye popping experience to see how dynamic navigation surgery works (Navident) Its accurate and precise and no surgical guide needed. Real time image to see where implant and drill are on the computer screen. Live surgeries demonstration was fantastic and good learning experience. Dr Scheyer and Dr Lipton Rock! Strongly recommend this course”  Dr Mike Hsieh
“Navident removes the unpredictability from implant placement.  This course walks you through the system step by step. Even a novice can be placing implants with ease and predictability.  A great cutting edge course for dentists wh want to stay on top of their game”  Drs, Mitchell and Morgan Pierce

Dr. Scheyer along with Dr. George Mandelaris will be hosting a workshop on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at the Houston Dental Education Center. To learn more, you can read the flyer here or email [email protected]. For other courses available in Canada, Europe and Middle East, please check the DNS website calendar often. You can view it here.