Following the sale of Claron Technology Inc.’s enterprise imaging-related assets to Lexmark in January 2015, Claron will focus its business exclusively on surgical navigation. To create a strong, independent identity for the navigation company, it has been renamed ClaroNav Inc. Enterprise imaging products will continue to be sold by Lexmark under the Claron brand.

“Our new identity as ClaroNav highlights our new singular focus on surgical navigation,” says Doron Dekel, Claron’s co-founder, who remains as CEO. “For 15 years, our company has provided innovative surgical navigation hardware and software modules to other medical device companies. During that time, we accumulated extensive proprietary technology and know-how. This enables us to develop exceptionally easy-to-use, accurate and reliable surgical navigation systems at a fraction of the cost of competitors. With the recent sale of our enterprise imaging business for $37 million, we now also have the financial resources to manufacture, market and support complete clinical surgical navigation systems.”