Issue: No. 24

Navident 4 EVO Pre-Launch

September 29th in Zurich Switzerland at the EAO the Navident 4 EVO Pre-Launch began. Since that time the AAP, TDO (EndoCon) and ICOI events stateside have welcomed EVO with open arms.

EVO represents an EVOlution in ClaroNav’s Navident dynamic navigation system. The same quality Navident system with updated technology advancements produces predictable results.

If you want to expand treatment expertise, reduce patient trauma and save valuable chair time, you should take a good look at Navident.

Navident 4 EVO

Navident Tradeshow Pictures

Pictured: Doron and Tom at the EAO Congress 2022

Pictured: Darrell showing EVO at the AAP Annual Meeting 2022

Pictured: Jason talking to the crowd at the AAP Annual Meeting 2022

Navident 3 Software Update Coming

Current users will have access to an exciting release this week.

Most notable in this update is 3.1’s GPU rendering for much faster performance and enhanced all on 4 implant planning capability.

Navident 3.1 Release Notes:

  • New GPU based 3D rendering, resulting in 10X faster 3D view interaction (not available for Navident Standard Laptops)*
  • Ability to denoise a data set (scatter removal)
  • Improved 2D interaction
  • Support for any implant type including blade.
  • Ability to visualize trajectory of the planned implant / access
  • Improved marker detection status indicator
  • Ability to trace detected screw
  • Enhanced barcode scanning
  • All-on-4 planning features
  • Additional abutment interactions
  • Various bug-fixes and other performance improvements

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